First Algebra Blog!!!

Welcome to my very first Algebra blog! Definitely exciting for me, because not only am I a blogger for the first time, but I am doing what I love while reaching more people! Did you start taking an Algebra class? Did your child just start? Whether you or your child just started or have been […]

Variables and Expressions…an Introduction

Just a very quick overview of algebraic expressions.  MUCH more to come once we start word problems 🙂  

Evaluating Expressions

No matter which technical subject you study down the line (physics, chemistry, biology, etc) you will need to understand how to evaluate expressions! Parentheses ( ) Brackets  [  ] DO ANY OPERATION INSIDE PARENTHESES OR BRACKETS FIRST! Example:  8 + [5*2] = 8 + [10] = 18  

Real Numbers, Sets, etc

Many of you have exposure to this prior to Algebra class but just in case here is a refresher. . .

Can Algebra Be Used in the REAL World?!

Many times people say: “I don’t need to learn Algebra! When will I ever use it?!” Well yesterday I was at the local grocery market and saw an extremely good example based on the sour cream that was on sale. I entered a cookie competition so I needed roughly 48 ounces of sour cream and […]